Making Diary: AP Inspired Salopette for BJD

As many of you know, I lost my day job recently. Between that and the bad weather, I’ve been cooped up at home and bored out of my mind!  While I have the free time, I decided to work on projects and tasks I’ve been putting off. Nearly 2 years ago (!!), while bored at work, I created a BJD-scale copy of Angelic Pretty’s Sweet Cream House print and ordered it from Spoonflower. I finally got around to making my planned item with it: a salopette, scaled for 60cm BJD.

   While this isn’t a full tutorial, and there’s no pattern because I usually just eyeball my pieces, anyone with fairly advanced sewing skills could probably follow along and make their own. (**NOTE: I do not condone or recommend selling pieces you make if you’re copying real brand garments and prints. Even if you sew it yourself, and edit the graphics for printable fabric, it’s profiting off of someone else’s artwork. That’s wrong.  If you follow the steps written here, please do so for personal use only. Garment design and textile print used here © 2012 Angelic Pretty)

   I cut the garments by eyeballing the shape of the real salopette’s pieces, and using a rectangle about 2.5x my doll’s hip width for the skirt. (3x the waist measurement is generally a good guideline for lolita skirts, but the doll I’m making this for has very wide hips compared to her waist. It’s generally more flattering to go based off of the hip measurement in a case like this.

The next step was to sew and turn the straps, hem the side pieces, and line and turn the front and back pieces. I messed up here – i should have sewn the front buttons and bow onto the front piece before lining and turning it. I also should have set the front straps between the lining and outside on both the front and back pieces.

With all the pieces turned, I started to piece together the salopette bodice, leaving one end open for the fastener. It’s pretty straightforward. For the skirt, I set some light gathers into crochet lace trim, hemmed the skirt rectangle, and then sewed the lace to the hem. I also gathered the top of the skirt by running a basting stitch and pulling the threads tight until the skirt reached approximately the width of the bottom of this bodice piece. (Again, leaving space for the fastener and side seam.)

After sewing the skirt to the bodice, I made the front bow with a standard technique, and sewed that on along with the front straps and buttons. Then I sewed a fastener to the waist. I left out a few details to save time and effort- mainly, the waist zipper and the extra gathered ruffle on the outside of the front bow.

The finished salopette! I’ll likely make a headbow with the  leftover scraps.

Modeled by my Volks Unoss Seina. She needs better socks, but Unoss are notoriously hard to fit for shoes and socks… 

As always, thanks for reading and catch you later!  Don’t forget to check me out on Instagram and Facebook.