Tutorial: Easy Lolita Jumperskirt Alteration

Lots of us know this feeling: you spend your time searching for your dream dress. You double-check the measurements on Lolibrary, just to make sure. Finally it comes up for sale and you make that purchase! You wait and wait for it to arrive, excited about the coords you’ll make.
Then, the day finally comes! You get that special package in the mail. Then you try on your dream dress, and… it fits horribly. 
A lot of times, fit is about not only the bust/waist/hip measurements of garment, but the proportions. While I’m short enough for most brand dresses, mother nature stuck me with a large bust for my frame, and JSKs often look ugly if I wear them as-is. On the other hand, a lot of folks tend to be a bit taller, and find that the bodices on brand dresses fall a bit short. In this tutorial, I’ll help you make an easy, non-permanent adjustment to the fit of your JSK. It adds length for tall people, and creates a more flattering fit on those of us with a fuller bust. (Note: you must still be within the original garment measurements for this adjustment to work. It doesn’t change the size of the dress, just where it sits on your torso.)

Here’s the fit of Sweet Cream House before and after adding strap extenders, then with a belt for further shaping.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You’ll need the following items:
-Lolita Jumperskirt with button-on straps (Typical for Angelic Pretty, Emily Temple Cute, and others)
-Buttons the same size as the strap buttons on your dress
-Coordinating or matching fabric or velvet ribbon
-Lighter if you use ribbon
-Your usual sewing supplies

Step 2: Creating the Strap Pieces

If using ribbon, cut four pieces of equal length. Seal the ends with a lighter to prevent fraying. If using fabric, cut two pieces, of equal length. They should be twice the width of the dress straps, plus some seam allowance.

If you’re using ribbon, sew the strips together, wrong side out. For fabric, turn the ends in and hem.

Flip the ribbon strips right side out, and sew it down along the long edges.
For the fabric strips, sew the open long end down, and then turn it right side out. Sew the short ends down once you’ve flipped it.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Put a buttonhole on one end of each strap. You’ll likely need to put some wax paper or tissue under the velvet ribbon so it glides more easily.

Be sure to make your buttonholes large enough for the existing buttons on the straps of your JSK. Cut the buttonholes open with a hobby knife or seam ripper.

FInally, add one button each to the opposite end of your straps. That’s it. you’re done! 

Step 4: Wear it!

Button your new extenders onto your JSK straps, and you’re all set to wear a more flattering-looking dress. Enjoy!
The straps on the far left were meant for Petit Patisserie, but the buttons were a bit too large. I should’ve double checked first! 

As always, thanks so much for reading! Check out my Facebook page for news and updates. Catch you next time!