Figure Review: X-Plus Gigantic Series Super Sonico

My newest arrival- X-Plus’ sofubi Gigantic Series Super Sonico! I didn’t jump to buy this figure when she first came out, mainly because I felt the proportions were off. (More on that later.) But I had an opportunity to pick up an inexpensive damaged box one from Yahoo!Japan Auctions recently, and went ahead with the purchase.


   The box and packaging are pretty straightforward. There were some tears in the box, which I they showed in the post. She came from Y!J seller Toys King, a popular anime goods shop. They included some flyers for their business, which Buyee also sent with the figure.
  The stand is much heavier than the figure, which makes for a nice, sturdy display. It also rotates, which amused me far more than it should have. ^^;

My Impressions

Since the figure is hollow soft vinyl, she’s very light and manageable despite the gigantic size. X-Plus also cast her bikini top from the same soft vinyl. As far as accessories, she carries a little pita sandwich, and her iconic guitar necklace can also be removed if you want.
A lot of reviewers mentioned that they had difficulty removing her head for castoff, but I didn’t experience that. The previous owner probably removed and cleaned up the neck glue during the time they had her.

   My main problem with their choice for the bikini top is that it’s very bulky and sticks out from her bust. They likely did this to keep the paint and figure underneath from being damaged, but I think it detracts from the line of Sonico’s hourglass figure. The top-heavy look seems a bit matronly, in my opinion. 
She looks better without the top, but I skipped those photos to keep this SFW. There are plenty of topless photos from other users at the MFC item entry if you wanted to get a look.

A Closer Look

    Comparison with Yamato VMF50 Catwoman, so you can see just how big this figure is! I’m hoping to get the Yamato Sonico at some point, and will post a comparison if I ever do.

    I put Yamato Sonico’s babydoll on her, just to see how it would fit. It looks pretty cute, don’t you think?

   Displayed in a place of honor! She even towers over the big Orchid Seed figures.

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