KIKIPOP! Pt. 1: Hello KIKIPOP | Review and Introduction

Oh my gosh- long time, no blog. Sorry about that, everyone! tumblr_inline_mfnl06mmdu1qdlkygAround the end of last year, I started a new position at work which came with a ton more responsibility. Home life changed a bit too, as my husband changed jobs, and most recently, we bought a house! Anyway, onto the topic at hand: Azone’s adorable Kikipop dolls. tumblr_m7gk42fhuw1r86b3d
I recently snagged this cheerful cutie on Yahoo!Japan Auctions. There are a couple of imperfections with her cheek and chin blush, so the seller offered a significant discount, and I was able to bring her home on a whim. You can pick up your own Kikipop at Hobby Link Japan, or try your luck finding a secondhand doll on Yahoo!Japan Auctions.

There’s not a great deal of information about Kikipop online, especially with regards to alternative clothing and shoes. I’ll explore more about clothing and shoes for Kikipop with my next post.

tumblr_m7gk6sfurw1r86b3dFirst Impressionstumblr_m7gk6sfurw1r86b3d

20160920_103919     20160920_104254
The first thing I noticed upon opening the shipping package was the fun, colorful packaging. The doll is prominently displayed, her sunny expression peering out of the clear plastic box. With a plastic outer sleeve and slide-out inner packaging, I had an easy time opening the doll. (Because she was secondhand, my doll did not have the full original packaging. Please note that if you purchase a NRFB Kikipop, your experience may vary.)
Inside the box, they had taped a plastic sleeve containing a cute manual with some tips for posing and care of KIKIPOP. If you’re familiar with Azone dolls, you’ll recognize this from the Pure Neemo packaging as well.

tumblr_m7gk6sfurw1r86b3dDefault Outfit & Accessoriestumblr_m7gk6sfurw1r86b3d

20160916_214055     20160916_214201
So far, there are a few different variations on the Kikipop dolls. I received the Romantic Frill Sugar “Milky Blonde” version. her dress is made of high quality textured cotton, not unlike a thinner version of some of the fabrics used in my own branded lolita clothing. Underneath the gathered dress, Kikipop wears cute peeking bloomers, lacy tights, underpants, and greyish-lavender shoes. While I don’t normally use doll stands, I adore this one’s transparent color and adorable mushroom design. (The artist who creates Kikipop goes by “Kinoko Juice” – and kinoko is the Japanese word for mushroom. wow)

20160920_104135     20160916_213953
I do feel like the weak point in the outfit is the shoes. The color is a bit weird, and the style is a bit bland and pedestrian. They’re not too bad, though. heh Other than that, the outfit seems perfect. Azone used high-quality, soft lace, in a perfect scale for Kikipop’s petite size. I especially liked that the lace of the bloomers peeks out below the dress. It’s a cute touch.

tumblr_m7gk6sfurw1r86b3dSculpt & Posingtumblr_m7gk6sfurw1r86b3d

20160916_212407     20160916_212401
Kikipop’s lightness and portability is partly due to her hollow ABS head sculpt. You can see here that there are inset eye chips, with a slight gap in the socket. Her unique sculpted eyelashes are a fun design touch! I feel like this would also make it easy to replicate the charming art style of the default faceup.
20160916_212317     20160916_212730
Even though the doll comes with such a cute stand, she hardly needs it for creative posing and balance! Her cute pear-shaped body sculpt has an added benefit of giving Kikipop a sturdy, balanced center of gravity. Without a lot of effort, she’s able to stand unaided, even on one foot.

20160916_212346    20160916_212655
Kinoko Juice is known for their cute, stylized artwork, and the sculpted doll captures this perfectly. Her body sculpt is curvy and cute, but not too extreme. The oversized hands make her more expressive, and the upturned toe on her left foot makes for a shy, but appealing, look to the poses.

20160916_212429     20160916_212544
Kikipop includes interchangeable hands, which can be swapped out on wrist pegs. My only disappointment is the lack of mobility in the doll’s wrists. The Pureneemo jointing system seems to work more effectively for cute poses, without the hands falling off.

20160916_214303That’s all for now! Check back shortly for Part 2! I’ll show you some examples of clothes and shoes that fit Kikipop, as well as where to pick up new items for her.wink

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