Tutorial: Attaching Dollfie Dream Eyes

bannerOne of the best thing about Dollfie Dreams is the options for customization, including changeable eyes. Here, I’ll show you the easy method I use for putting eyes in my vinyl dolls. I use eye putty in my resin BJD’s, but I find that putty doesn’t work as well with the giant eye wells on DD head sculpts. I also don’t like using a hot glue gun, even with a fine point, due to the risk of damaging the vinyl with the heated metal tip.

First, gather your supplies. All you need is a standard lighter, a low-melt glue gun stick, acrylic eyes, and a willing dolly volunteer.  (Please pardon the junky faceup she has for now. ^^; I won this DDII body unexpectedly, and quickly threw an old practice head on it so she wouldn’t be headless.)



Next, locate the spot where the eye well bevel ends. It’s a sort of ridged area inside the head sculpt. Just keep this spot in mind for now.



Hold one of the eyes in position, and take exact note of where the eye’s plastic meets the bevel spot from the previous step. Now keep this spot in mind.



Use your lighter to gently melt the tip of the glue stick. Don’t overdo it, or the gluestick will blacken slightly. Rotate it slowly while you warm it up, and try to keep the stick only in the cooler yellow part of the flame. You’ll know it’s melted enough when it turns clear and starts to soften.



Wipe a U-shaped blob of glue onto the spot where the eye met the bevel of the head sculpt. It’s okay if you mess up on this. Because heating the low-melt glue stick with the lighter makes for softer glue, it should peel right off the eye plastic with little effort.



Press the eye into the socket, making sure to check alignment as you hold it. Once the glue has cooled and congealed, you can let go. Next, locate the small gap at the top of the eye socket.



Press the eye firmly against the eye socket so there’s no gap for glue to leak through the front. Heat your glue stick again, then twist it into that area to spread a lot of glue in that spot. This is your main securing point, so make sure to spread lots of glue here.



Continue to press and hold the eye against the head mold, to ensure straight positioning and prevent glue leaks.




Then just repeat the steps for the second eye, and you’re all set! I find that using a low-melt option keeps the eyes firmly secured, but not as difficult to remove as the Volks hot glue. 09

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