Doll Gallery: SQLab Silvia


One of my favorite hobbies besides cosplay is collecting dolls. I started collecting Asian ball-jointed dolls around 2002. My first was a Volks Misia assembly kit, who’s no longer in production. If you want to learn more about these dolls, I recommend checking out Den of Angels!

This doll is an SQLab Silvia head on an Obitsu 50cm body, with a Yamato VMF50 [NSFW link!]  type C5 bust part. I painted her face myself. This is commonly called a “faceup” in the doll hobby.


Her eyes are from the Tabobao store White Dollfie Story, who make adorable eyes and other accessories for anime-styled dolls like Dollfie Dream. They don’t ship internationally, so you’d need a shopping service. Personally, I use SpreeNow.


Her “top” is actually a Mini Super Dollfie yukata that I picked up at one of the Volks stores during a trip to Tokyo several years ago. It was made by the popular indie doll clothes maker, LittleWonder Wardrobe!  I just folded the bottom half of the yukata up, and covered it with a Mini Super Dollfie skirt from Volks. Her hat is actually for a Pullip doll, from the Angelic Pretty Decoration Dream collaboration outfit.

IMG_5662 IMG_5669

The plastic sword she’s carrying is one of my favorite doll accessories. Volks made it several years ago for their Dollfie Dream line. It comes out of the sheath and everything! In case you haven’t noticed, Volks is one of my favorite ball-jointed doll brands. I love the quality and details in their products.
Her striped socks came with a Unoa Lusis I recently purchased on a whim. ^^:
IMG_5666Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed! Don’t forget to like my page on Facebook!